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The Heat Pad Club

"Home is where your heat pad is."

The Heat Pad Club is a website from woman to woman. From endosister to endosister. It is a place where not only endometriosis as a condition is addressed, but it is also a place where we want to talk about food, self care, self love and support for each other, a place for all the endo sisters out there. 

At The Heat Pad Club we want to spread love, support and positivity. Support is very important in a world where such a disease is not known that much as it should be. Too much woman struggle with it and do not know. The Heat Pad Club is supposed to be a save place for every woman who has endometriosis or is not sure if she has it.  

We want to improve the lives of all endosisters out there. We also want to provide you with information about endometriosis and want to help you with your endometriosis. 

Welcome to The Heat Pad Club and we hope you will join our tribe!

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