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Endo diet

First of all we want to inform you that there is no ultimative edndometriosis diet. Mostly woman with endometriosis eat anti inflammatory food and abstain from different kinds of food like sugar, dairy, meat, soy, caffeine, salt and alcohol. Most important during an endometriosis diet is to look what is good for you and your body. 

Another form of the endometriosis diet is eating with a minimum of estrogen. In this diet you primarily track how many hormones are in your food and which kind of food is a trigger food that increases you estrogen level. 

Traditional chinese medicine is a form of an diet, too. And then there is the mediterranean diet. As you can see a lot of diets exist, but you have to know which is good for you and your body, because you know your body best. 

In our HPC Food Club we want to give you some inspiration about new recipes and maybe you find some you would like to try out. 

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