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Hi babes, 

our HPC Groups are made for you. In these groups we want to have a positive community and help each other trough all the ups and downs endometriosis brings within. But most important, we want to support each other.

Kissen und Decke auf der Couch

HPC Community

In this group we can talk about everything. When you have questions about endometriosis, are newly diagnosed and don't understand everything what's going on or just want to have a little chat from time to time you are absolutely welcome. In this group you can also post pictures of you in your sweatpants and messy hair. This group will support and help you. We are no doctors or specialist, but we can tell from our own experience.

HPC Food Group

In this group we are posting our individual diet and make food posts about our perfect imperfect meals. We know that there is no universal endo diet, so this group is for the communication about your experiences. You can also post your recipes and experiences with single kinds of food. If you are a food lover and want to get some more inspiration just join us. We don't mind imperfect food pictures, it's all about the taste.

vegetarische Thali

HPC selfcare group

In this group we want to talk about selfcare. What you do for yourself and what is best for you, your body and your endo. There will be some self-care challenges from time to time and it is all about comfort and feeling well. We love sweat pants, messy hair days and all the good comfy stuff at home. If you want to be in a group full of selfcare you are welcome and we are happy to have you in this group.

If you are interested then join our HPC Tribe!

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