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HI loves,

yoga should help with endometriosis. But that does not mean that we have to transform into a yoga pro. It is more about relaxing, stretching and breathing. I know when hearing "You have to do yoga" we have all these super cool instagram models in mind which do the most awesome and hardest contortions. But yoga is not only about this. there are so many different kinds of yoga.

Yoga can help, because long and deep breaths can help you to relax when you have acute pain and to mitigate it. Yoga poses can release tension caused by cramps, pain and relieving posture.

The most important thing while doing yoga is to know your limits. Do not go beyond your limits. You do not have to proof other people that you can do super fancy poses. Do the poses where you feel relaxed. You do not have to do much. You can also do a little relaxing yoga in your bed. Try deep breaths, and try to concentrate on yourself.

You know the pose happy baby? Or reclined bound angle pose? These are hip openers which helped some people a lot and you can do these while lying on your sofa.

For endometriosis yin yoga, different asanas (these can help to mobilize and to encourage blood flow and open your hip, back and shoulders get stretched and help to relieve tensions in your fasciae) and breathing techniques (help to relieve strains and to apperceive your whole body) should be "the best". I think a combination from those three is really good, but you should do the ones you recognize help you the most, because you know your body better than everybody else.


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