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And then it hits you.

It comes out of the dark when you at least expect it.

No matter what you do or what time it is.

You can feel it crawling from your feet into your head. This feeling. A feeling of insecurity. A feeling of anxiety. It hits you hard. You strumble. You can't hear anything. The positive things seem to be a lie. Everything that speaks against this one truth sounds like a lie. No person can help you. No person can say anything to make you feel better. You can't breathe. You have the feeling that there is something right within you that won't go. You have a lump in your throat that gets bigger every time you start thinking about it. And then there is this cage. You do not want to feel this way. You know there is no reason for your anxiety, but you can't break trough it.

The hardest thing is to calm down. To relax. Breathing in. Breathing out. Give yourself a second to calm down, even if it is impossible. Tell yourself that there is no reason for anxiety. Tell it yourself all the time you feel it. Talk with someone who seems to get it. Give yourself a break.



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