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Big bumpy belly

When she is walking on the streets she can feel it. She can feel all the glimpses on her belly. The big bumpy one, who seems to scream "Look at me!". She wishes to be at home where nobody sees her, where nobody wants to ask her if she's pregnant. Lost in thoughts she puts her hand on her belly and strokes him tenderly. She thought, if she could wear a big comfy dress, no one would recognize it. She regrets drinking her morning coffee, eating that non gluten free sandwich on the go. She wished she could come out of bed more easily.

When people walk past her, they see a woman, holding tenderly stroking her belly. She looks like a normal person. Nobody could ever imagine the battle she's fighting against herself in this moment. They think she must be pregnant with that belly. The wonder how long it will be until she gives birth. But they don't know. They don't know which condition lives in her.

And when she's at home, she kicks off her trousers, crawls to the toilet, vomits because of pain. She thinks "I made it home!". She cries, laying down on the floor, never knowing what the next day, hour, week, evening will bring. She hopes that with a bath ore some funny colorful pills the docs gave her her big bumpy belly will be better. She puts her hand on her belly and strokes him tenderly. She talks to herself like her belly was another person. She thinks "If we only could be friends!".



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