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Comfy Clothes - Jeans

Hi loves,

every morning when I wake up there is this one big question which is basically THE DECISION of the day: "What am I going to wear today?".

The reason why I am spending so much time in front of my closet searching for comfy clothes is pain and flare ups. When I choose the wrong pants I have a flare up for the whole day and in the end I have horrible back pain.

But what can I do? There are a lot of options. I could wear a cute dress, or a mom jeans, a tunic, a skirt or maybe a leggings or sweatpants when I am at home. Mom Jeans are my favorite, because they can grow with my belly and do not constrict my bellies freedom.

I always grab my favorite pair of jeans. But how to identify a belly approved pair of jeans?

I buy all my jeans one or two sizes bigger. When I do this I know I have enough space in them and they feel really comfy while wearing. I know that when my belly is normal I have to wear a belt around my hip. But this is a safe method and I can make the belt bigger every time I have to, or when I do not need it I can put it in my bag.

Luckily big jeans and mom jeans are fashionable today and you have a lot of selection of shirts and tops you can combine with. I love combining it with white or black shirts, because it is basic and classic and you can wear it everywhere.

So just try it out and I hope this will be a helpful tip for you.

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