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Easter garland

Hi loves,

heres a little diy inspiration for easter. Easter garlands are easy to made and you do not need that much. All you need for this project are some white eggs, paint, pliable wire, ribbon, flowers and a braided wooden rim.

First you have to blow out the eggs. Then you start painting them the way you want to. For hanging them on the rim you need to stick a small band on top of the egg. When you do not know how to start decorating, you can put a big flower on top of the rim. To fix the flower you can use pliable wire. The next step is to fix the eggs on the rim. Because there is a lot of space left, you can put the flowers on there. The ribbon will be put on it at the end. You can vary the length according where you want to place it.

That's it. I hope you like your self-made easter garland. It is also a perfect gift for easter.


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