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First time of hearing the diagnosis endometriosis

Hi loves,

who does not know the feeling when it hits you. Hearing the big word ENDOMETRIOSIS. The thing is you did not know what was coming, all the pain, the trouble, the anxiety, the depression, the fatigue, the therapies and the whole brain fog because of all the new informations.

But how to deal with it. It is hard to know that your body fights against yourself. You have the feeling that you do not have the control about you anymore. You feel lost and want to be in bed all the time. When you ask a doctor they give you new hormone, new therapies. They send you to physiotherapy or massage. They tell you to eat healthier or change the way you eat.

If you are reading this and you are freshly diagnosed, don't be scared of everything that is coming. Know you are not alone. You can handle this. I will tell you that you are stronger than you think. You will wonder which power you will have. Don't be sad, it is ok to cry, to be desperate. But don't get lost in these thoughts. You are not alone, you can handle this, we all have been there. It is important to talk with other endo sisters. In a community you can exchange information, give each other hope, can get help from other people and give you information.

Don't lose hope. We are all there for you. Don't be afraid to ask for help, to contact other endo sisters. Do not stop to search for a little relief. You will always will have bad days, so do not let these bad days make you think that you have a bad life. Endometriosis will show you how great your friends are and how supportive your family and friends are. You will get to know the love from each of them, you learn to value all the awesome people in life. You will learn to cherish the small things in life. Endometriosis is not only a bad thing. There are hard times, yes, but there will be days that are full of joy, laughing, love and all the things that make you want to stop time. Do not be afraid. You will get trough this!


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