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Hi loves,

often we feel isolated. We can't go out on a date, meet friends, we are basically locked at home. We can't get up or the clothes do not fit, hurt or cause a bad flare. We know it is better to be at home at the sofa or in bed with our heat pad and a good series or film. We are afraid to lose our friends because we can't always do the things others do. We are afraid to say no, because we think others do not understand us, because you only get it when you have it, right?

But don't fool yourself. Grab the phone, call your friends, your family, your loved one and have a chat. Check out social media, you are not alone. Millions of other woman battle the same fight. Do not mind to write a message to chat. These spontaneous chats can make your day or help you to feel better.

Isolation is really uncomforting. I know it is hard to led this feeling down, to realize that you are not alone, you are not isolated. Search for new ways to get in contact. Go out, sit on that bench next to your home, go and grab your coffee or tea in the next café, go into the library and read a book. You will see, this feeling of isolation is only in your mind. It will take some time to learn that you are not isolated. There are women out there who feel the same and want to connect. Nowadays there are so many ways to connect with other people.


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