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Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Hi loves,

lavender is a real super plant. It can be used for relaxation or in an aromatherapy.

The reason it is used in aromatherapy is that it is calming, relaxing, helps with headache, stress and mild anxiety disorder.

For a better sleep you can put one drop of lavender oil on your pillow. When you do not want to put it on your pillow you can use a lavender roll on and put some on your neck and temples.

Against stress there exist some lavender roll ons, too. They are perfect for every bag and can be easy used during work when you can't make an aromatherapy.

Other sorts of usage are lavender cremes for your uterus where it can be used as antispasmodic. You can cream your hurting and cramping spot. Lavender baths are also relaxing and calming.

Lavender can also be good for your skin and helps with skin problems. It can operate antibakterial, smoothens your scars and can used as facial care.


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