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Hi loves,

here's a little ritual for some self-love. Every evening you are writing little love letters to yourself and stick them on your mirror. When you wake up and get ready you can read the little message you send yourself.

But what to write on it?

You can write quotes on it you think are very inspirational or make you smile. One quote is: "The Question is not how to get cured, but how to love." -> Joseph Conrad

This quote can remind you, that no matter what you do, you should not get lost and forget to life your life.

Another thing to write is a mantra. "It's okay" is one of the mantras you can tell yourself when you know you overreact or are afraid of something.

Or you write things on that little piece of paper you are really proud of or what you love on yourself, just to practice a little self-love in the morning.

All these things can make you happy in the morning and put a smile on your face. It can help to start your morning in a joyful way and practice a little self-care and self-love.

Just try it out ;)


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