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Me-Time Ideas

Hi loves,

when was the last time that you had some Me-Time? Time to enjoy yourself and do something great? Or do you want to make some Me-Time but do not know what to do?

Me-Time is so important. You can count this time to self-care, where you recharge your batteries.

Let me give you 10 Me-Time inspiration here:

1. Watch funny videos on Youtube

-> Laughing is so good and can help to reduce stress. And let's be honest, who does not like funny cat/dog videos?

2. Make a gratitude list

-> Think of at least 10 things that you're thankful for and write them down

3. Grab your favorite childhood/teenager book

-> If you loved it then you will love it nowadays. It can give you a very nostalgic and comforting feeling and makes you want to read the book all in one.

4. Home-Concert

-> make your own personal home concert just for you. Put the music on maximum volume and sing the songs that make you want to dance through the whole house. You will automatically start to dance and smile ;)

5. 30min of Spa Time

-> give yourself and your body a break and make your own Spa. Put a face mask on, make your nails, take a bath or make a foot bath. You can also light your favorite center candle and enjoy your break from the everyday life.

6. Create a bullet journal

-> Do you ever wanted to start a bullet journal? It is perfect to let out your creativity. Paint pictures in it, color out the letters and create the pages the way you want.

7. Ice cream and favorite magazine

-> Ever feeling like you haven't read the newest gossip about your favorite VIP? Just grab your favorite ice cream and a magazine and let's go. You can also read all the blog posts of your favorite persons you missed to read the last few days.

8. Meditation

-> 30 min. of Meditation can calm you down and give you a hole bunch of new energy.

9. Coffee/Tea and a chat

-> You haven't talked since a long time to a friend? Just grab a coffee/tea get comfy at your favorite spot and call them. Or better, just invite them and make a comfy clothes day.

10. Dream List

-> Create your own dream list with dreams you want to realize one day. You can set yourself a goal or dream a little bit while you do this list. You can also visualize it by doing a vision board.


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