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Meeting a new GN

Hi loves,

meeting a new gynecologist can be very stressful and nerve-wracking. When you see the office your heart starts to race and and you pray that this one will finally hear you. Or you meet an endometriosis specialist, you are nervous because you do not know what he will tell you and if your gynecologist was right about your endometriosis. You hope that you do not get any more pills or finally something that helps against the pain, anxiety, headache, etc.

But the important thing is to prepare yourself for the visit. I can't tell you anything that could calm you down, because it is something everybody has his own technique.

When you meet a new gynecologist is taking all your documents with you. Not only the ones from your insurance, but also everything from former operations or medications you took, how long you took them. You should also make a list of symptoms you have and for how long. What helped you for relief and what made it worse. If you like to you can give him your pain dairy so he can clearly see when you have your symptoms and for how long. Make yourself a list of questions or things you want to know, because when you are nervous you can forget a lot of them and regret it when you did not asked the doc.

This preparation gives you a little safety and it is something that can calm you down, because you know you are prepared and it is not imagination. Even if they do not believe you and make you feel stupid, you have your documents that proof that there is something wrong. It can also help to find a "cure" (we all know that there is none, but I mean more a relief) and make it more easier for the gn.


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