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Morning Rituals

Hi loves,

morning rituals are essential in every day and part of self care. We do them without knowing. We start every day the same way. We wake up from our alarm clocks, get out of bead, make breakfast, take a shower, etc.. But what does this mean?

Morning rituals are essential for us. Even when we are not know it by apperception, they prepare us for the day and can determine how our day will go. Will it be a good day, because we had our whole routine done? Or will it be a bad day, because there were some unexpected events that change our routine?

Our mourning routine gives us a certain stability. It helps us to focus on the day and the tasks we have. Maybe we go to work or to university. But how can we use a conscious morning routine?

Morning routines can help us to reduce stress because of the structure. When we know we stay up at the exact same time and know we have 30 minutes for getting out of bed, 30 minutes for breakfast, 30 minutes for showering, 15 minutes to get dressed and then get out of house, we do not stress ourself that we do not have enough time. Even when we have some time left it can help us to relax, we can take some me-time and be more relaxed.

When we are relaxed we are not stressed. When we are not stressed we can have a good day and we can welcome the upcoming things in a calm way.


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