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THPC November Challenge

Hi loves,

this November we have planned something very special for you! We want to do a November Challenge.

But why?

The main reason to do this challenge ist to challenge ourself in a way to improve our daily life. It is not something where you have to change a lot. It is a mixture of self-care, gratitude and spreading love and support. You can make this challenge for your own or post and share it with other endo sisters out there on Instagram (We would LOVE to see who is participating and connecting ❤️).

We hope that we can bring you some joy, fun and love with this challenge!

How to connect with other endo sisters which are participating:

You are free to use our #thpcnovemberchallenge hashtag.

You can find the single challenges in our story highlight "NOV.-CHALLENGE" on Instagram.

As a bonus you can use our THPC November Challenge sticker if you want to pimp up your story. (You can find the Story Sticker in the Download section of our page)


Day 1: Do a daily affirmation

Day 2: Girls support Girls -> Give some love to your favorite endometriosis account/accounts

Day 3: post a photo where you are happy like a clam

Day 4: Do Good Monday -> Do something nice for someone else

Day 5: watch your favorite movie

Day 6: call a family member or friend

Day 7: have a healthy breakfast

Day 8: drink enough water

Day 9: declutter your space

Day 10: make a mental health day

Day 11: make your bed

Day 12: sit outside and enjoy some fresh air

Day 13: name something or someone that inspires you the most

Day 14: make a resolution and throw it up

Day 15: say "Thank you!"

Day 16: do something new

Day 17: date yourself

Day 18: make a list of what you are proud of

Day 19: consider a pedicure

Day 20: hug your pet or your favorite human being

Day 21: have a home spa day or moment

Day 22: buy yourself flowers

Day 23: visit a new place

Day 24: sleep as much and as long as you want to

Day 25: write yourself a love letter

Day 26: take a break from an unhealthy habit

Day 27: do a day full of clean eating

Day 28: go for a walk outside

Day 29: Fun Fact Friday -> post a fun fact about yourself

Day 30: prepare yourself for Christmas

We hope you have fun ❤️❤️❤️❤️


THPC November Challenge Story Sticker:


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