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turmeric is a big theme when it goes to anti-inflammatory food. So here's why:

Turmeric has some superpowers endosisters could profit from.

it is said, that turmeric works anti-inflammatory in our body and works as good as anti-inflammatory medicaments, but without all the side effects. It is also a natural painkiller (this one depends on the person, because it does not wrk for everybody, and I am a little skeptical about this point).

Turmeric is also a medicament in TCM and was used against depression.

Another point is that it is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial.

Turmeric is often used as a spice and can be found in curry. When you take it you can use it in some delicious recipes like golden milk or golden latte. An important information about turmeric is that it's liposoluble. That means that it needs fat to be effective. Even when you use turmeric pills it is also liposoluble.

But taking turmeric can have some serious issues when you use medicaments that slow down blood clotting. When you use these medicaments and take turmeric it can increase the chance to get bruises and bleedings. Another thing you have to pay attention to when you use turmeric is not to eat too much, because it can cause nausea, feeling of sickness, dizziness, diarrhea and indigestions. As a daily standard it is said, that an outgrown person should not eat more than 2-4g of turmeric per day.


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