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Vanilla Lavender Lip Balm

Hi loves,

here's a new DIY! It is making your own Vanilla Lavender Lip Balm. It smells really good and is not hard to make. Because of the shea butter it is really creamy and it also makes a great gift.


1/2 cup vanilla lavender infused oil

1 ounce (28g) beeswax

1/2 ounce (14g) shea butter

8-16 drops lavender essential oil


Put a small bowl over a pot with simmering water.

Put the bee wax and and the vanilla lavender infused oil in the bowl and heat it up until it is molten.

Then add the shea butter and stir until it is molten.

When everything is molten add the lavender essential oil and pour the mixture into your lip balm tubes or the tins you want to store it.

You will probably get more than one tin out of it. Now it is finished, you just have to let it cool down and then it is ready to use. I hope you love your new lip balm!


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