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What to do on a Sunday

Hi loves,

Sundays are always chill days. These are the days where we can sit comfortably on our couch and be in our favorite PJs.

But what are other things we could do when we have too much time or do not know where to place ourself? Sometimes we have so much energy and spoons left that we want to make it a productive day. So here are some inspirations for you:

1. Create your plan for the upcoming week:

With doing a To-Do List you can plan the upcoming week by writing down everything you need to get accomplished. So you can plan your days better that you do not have too much to do in one day.

2. Series marathon:

Do you have a series you ever wanted to watch or where you do not had the time to? You could spend the whole day in bed or on the couch and watch a series, eat your favorite snack and let everything be.

3. Meal Prepping:

Cooking during the week can be really exhausting and very tiring when there are no spoons left. So why not doing a big cooking session where you prep your meals for the upcoming week?

4. Plan a short trip:

Don't you dream of a short weekend trip? Sundays are perfect to plan a trip or activity. So grab your laptop or tablet and let's go! You could also dream about the perfect short weekend trip and be in holidays in your mind.

5. Me-Time:

You haven't had that much time for yourself lately? Perfect! Do your favorite thing and enjoy the time with yourself. It is important to have some Me-Time from time to time so you can have a healthy relationship with yourself and listen to your body and self to do everything what your body/self needs.

6. Do some cleaning:

Cleaning? Really? Yes. When you clean up your space and sort things out you get a liberating feeling. You also feel organized and have the feeling of getting your life sorted and together.

7. Read:

You could grab your favorite book or one you ever wanted to start to read, jump on the sofa and start reading. You could grab your favorite magazine, too, and drink a really nice tea.

8. Donate:

As you know we tend to have too much in our house. Things we do not use anymore, clothes we do not wear or things we bought but never really needed. So why not donate it to organizations that need these things? While donating you also do a good thing and support other people in need.

9. Spend some love to your plants:

When was the last time you cared for your little plant babies? You could plant new flowers, water your existing ones or try out the regrowing trend with salad or carrots.

10. Hobby:

Sunday is a perfect day to go after your hobbies or start a new one. When you are thinking of trying out a new sport you could also try it out with a friend before you sign in a sport club.

You could grab your camera, go out in nature/stay at home and make some photos.

Journaling can be fun too, like drawing.


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